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For Sale By Owner in Washington, DC?  We are Even Better


Looking at a For Sale By Owner Sale for Your Home?

If you are even considering a for sale by owner listing in the Washington, DC area you need to learn more about why Congressional Home Buyers is a preferred option.  Many sellers we talk to are looking to sell a home on their own - usually to avoid the high fees and costs of using an agent.  We offer you the ability to sell your home directly and avoid all of the closing costs and fees associated with a traditional home sale AND we can do it in a matter of days - not the usual months it takes for a For Sale By Owner listing.  Interested?  Learn more below.


Congressional Home Buyers is a local, DC-only home buyer focused on buying properties fast and creating value for home sellers who are looking to sell their homes on their own without an agent.

For Sale By Owner Alternative in DC

Selling Your House For Sale By Owner in Washington, DC


For Sale By Owner home sales are great for home sellers if you can get actually sell it - the problem is that many home sellers take on more than they expect when they list a home FSBO in Washington, DC.   Sellers need to do their homework and truly look into what is required when they sell their home on their own without an agent.  It takes a lot of time - both from the perspective of getting ready and doing your homework, to the long time it usually takes to sell a FSBO listing, to all of the time it will take to close the transaction.


A For Sale by Owner listing takes the right kind of seller - one who wants to be entrepreneurial, get a good deal and take charge.  We respect that at Congressional Home Buyers and offer you a competitive platform to sell your home yourself without an agent and still get a great deal.

The average time it takes to sell a home in Washington, DC: *

  • Traditional Agent Sale - 102 Days

  • For Sale By Owner - 100+ Days

  • Congressional Home Buyers - 10 Days

Here are some interesting facts if you are considering selling your home for sale by owner in Washington, DC.  According to a NAR (National Association of Realtors) study FSBO sellers can actually make more than a traditional sale  but it takes seven weeks longer than a traditional sale and thus most home sellers who listed for sale by owner actually went to an agent before they got an acceptable offer.


Also, it's important to realize that sometimes a home buyer will actually have an agent and there can be problems with having to pay the buyer's agent a 3% commission on the sale of a home even if you listed it For Sale By Owner.

of people who start a “for sale by owner” end up using an agent.**  Get the benefits of FSBO pricing (or better) and the speed and ease of a direct private sale with Congressional Home Buyers!


So the real question is why would someone list For Sale By Owner when they can get a potentially better price and close much fast using Congressional Home Buyers?  If you ask us - it's not a real question and almost every home seller who digs in deeper agrees after they learn more about our company and what we do.


Faster, Easier and Make More than For Sale By Owner


Congressional Home Buyers is committed to buying your home in a matter of days - not weeks or months.  There are many reasons why home sellers choose to sell their home fast with Congressional Home Buyers but speed, ease and our offer amounts are the main reasons!  We can't (and sellers can't) think of a reason not to submit an application to get an offer today - it's no risk, no obligation and you can use it to help determine your own price for real estate for sale by owner packages.


You don't need a realtor or agent when you are looking to sell your home - just a trusted and dedicated partner who understands why you want to sell your home by owner. 


We Usually Pay More than Most For Sale By Owner Sales


As you can see from our example to the right or here, Congressional Home Buyers is committed to offering a reasonable and market prices for your property - in fact we can often put more money in your pocket than a traditional listing or a For Sale by Owner listing in Washington, DC.  Sellers often don't believe how competitive our offers are until they get them.  Many sellers ask us for a price to gauge the market with no intention of using us and then they meet us, see how great our offer is and use us immediately so they don't waste months of their life trying to do a For Sale By Owner.


Don't ask "How Can I Sell My Home FSBO in DC?" | Sell Your Home  Without the For Sale By Owner Headaches Today in Washington, DC


Fill out our form or contact Congressional Home Buyers today to sell your house yourself fast!  Or if you are looking for a traditional For Sale By Owner Sales Platform in Washington, DC - check out Realatize!




* - The average time to sell your home was calculated as follows:

  • Traditional Agent Sale - 102 Days - Average Days on Market in DC in April 2013 = 42 (NAR/MRIS) plus 30 days to find agent, fix and stage home and 30 days for closing (both numbers estimates but very conservative for many transactions)

  • For Sale By Owner - 100+ Days - estimate based on information collected by Congressional Home Buyers when talking to potential sellers

**2010 National Association of Realtors Survey


No Risk | No Obligation | Fast

See if We Can Make You More!


Congressional Home Buyers is a leading home Buyer in DC because:

+ FAST - We can purchase your home in 7 days!

+ EASY - No one has an easier process in DC!

+ PRICE - We can often offer market and above!

+ CASH NOW - We offer cash advances now!

+ FRIENDLY - Our team is the best out there!

+ LOCAL - We only operate in DC - no randomness at all.



More Money!

Most people think because we are so fast and simple that there must be a catch and we pay less.  We do - but you can actually make more!  Look at this:


Our Offering Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........









Listing+Sales Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........








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