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We Often Pay More For Your Home in Washington, DC than an Agent Can Get!

Can This Be True?

Many people don't believe the numbers until they get an offer from us, but the reality is that we often make offers that are competitive to - or even more than - what a seller might walk away with when they sell on the open market.


How?  Most people know about agent fees but they don't think about all the other costs associated with a traditional sale - additional mortgage payments, taxes, and more you have to pay when listing and closing on a sale - a process that can take 4 months or more!

Selling Your Home Fast Saves You

So when you combine or offer that are higher than competitor (especially in the District) and the savings on your transaction costs, you can walk away with more than hiring and agent!!


Want to see the details - check out the example below.  And of course this doesn't always hold true but we do strive to always make the most reasonable offer we can make.


How Our Offers Truly Stack Up - Why Congressional Home Buyers Can Save You Money


At Congressional Home Buyers, we believe in calculating the true value of your home and our offers. When you calculate all the costs associated with owning a home and selling it, our offers are often competitve to or above market costs.  Don't be fooled - these are real and true costs that come out of your pocket.   Here is how we stack up against a traditional sale with an agent or broker.


For purposes of this exercise, lets pick some easy to understand numbers that are actually average in Washington, DC.  Let's assume this is a rowhouse in the H Street Corridor.  Let's assume the seller bought the home in 2005 for $500,000 with 10% down and an interest rate of 5%.  Those are very generous numbers for that time period but they are conservative for purposes of this exercise.  You can play with the numbers all day but the fact is that they almost always work out similar to below.  The numbers in (paranthesis) are negative as they need to be substracted to reach the right numer - in other words its money you pay out of your pocket.


Our Offering Price: .............................

Carrying Costs:....................................

Costs of Transaction + Closing:.........

Value of Your Time:.............................








Your Listing Sales Price: .....................

Carrying Costs:.....................................

Costs of Transaction + Closing:..........

Value of Your Time:.............................







* - See the Notes section below for undertanding of these cost categories.​


As you can see - we are actually going to PAY YOU MORE MONEY at the end of the day.  You will have more money in your pocket than if you listed with an agent!  It is a dirty little secret that agents, brokers and anyone in the real estate community doesn't want you to know.  Even if you tweak the numbers and assumptions we think we have made our point.  Not only are we fast and great to deal with - we are almost always competivie or above market with our offers!


We readily admit that numbers can be changed to make it make it better for the traditional model.  However, the fact is that in most cases, we will come out ahead or be so close that the months we save are certainly worth any price differential. 


And these are numbers for a sellers market - if the rates rising and things changing, our offers will look even better!


  - Carrying Costs are the costs of holding a home while selling your home with a traditional sales transaction - here assumed to be three months from start to finish (this is a low estimate from decision to sell until closing a deal).  Carrying costs include mortgage payments for 3 months (here about $3000 x3) plus pro rata portions of real estate taxes, utilities, insurance premiums and other standard costs.

- Costs of Transaction + Closing is the average costs of selling your home with an agent and include: 6% agent commissions, 1.5% transfer taxes and 1% for buyer concessions, staging and repairs costs and other related costs.  With Congressional Home Buyers, you only pay about 1.5% in transfer taxes. 

- Value of Your TIme means how much time you spend selling your home multiplied by the value of your time.  Here we assumed only $50/hr - many people value their free time at a much higher rate (even if they earn less).  The average person spends well over 100 hours researching and selling their home (analysis, agent interviews, staging, open houses, cleaning, repairs, etc.) using an agent in the DC area but we have used 100 as our baseline.  We assume you only spend 5 hours trying to find us and 5 hours to close the deal with us (and 5 hours to close the deal is a lot with us).

- If you are an agent and don't believe us - please go hire a mathemetican and tell him to run "monte carlo simulations" - we already know what you will find but if you really need to see it for your own eyes - go ahead.

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