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Why Sell to Congressional Home Buyers?

Because we offer the best way to sell your home fast in Washington, DC

No Commissions


Don't give an agent 6% - save $10,000s in fees and keep your hard earned money!

Never any contingencies.  As long as title is clear, we'll pay all cash for your home as-is!

Great Offers

We can put more money in your pocket than a traditional sale.  Learn more here.

Super Fast

We close fast - often in 10 days or less!  Or we can wait as long as you might need!

No Repairs

No repairs, no cleaning and no moving junk out. Take what you want and move out!

No Obligation

Our offers and process is no risk and no obligation until we execute a contract.

Happy Sellers

Sellers truly love the experience - friendly, transparent and a great team helping them. 


We are one of only a few true local home buyers in the metro DC area - that matters!

There are Many Other Reasons to Choose Congressional Home Buyers - Check Out Why We are Your Best Option When You Want to Sell Your House!

Congressional Home Buyers is a leader in hassle-free home buying business.  We buy homes in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia fast, at a reasonable price while allowing sellers to save on broker fees and closing costs.  We are the best at what we do - we have the experience, values and service-first attitude that really sets us apart from our competitors.   There are many reasons to sell to Congressional Home Buyers, but some of the top reasons are: 

     >  Experience.  The owners of Congressional Home Buyers have over 30 years of combined real estate experience.  We have a proven track record of success in all areas of real estate (lending, development, advising/ consulting, acquisitions, etc).   We leverage our decades of experience to provide a leading purchasing platform that allows sellers to focus on what is important to them - speed, selling as-is and selling at a reasonable price.

     >  Save Money and Fees.  No costly real estate broker fees and bank closing costs with us.  Selling direct to Congressional Home Buyers means you won’t have to pay a commission that could run into thousands of dollars, or closing costs that can eat up even more of your profits. 


   >  Washington DC Focus.  Unlike many other companies, we are exclusively focused on Washington DC and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.  There is no bait and switch or referrals to another company - you call us or fill out our form and our team that lives in the DC metro area will be the ones to take care of you.  We know how hard it is to know one market - don't waste your time on the large chains or those who promise too much.     

     >  Super Easy.  Our process is as easy as 1-2-3-4.  It's that simple - really!  This is nothing like the traditional real estate sales process - agents, open houses, closing costs, commissions, inspections  not to mention all the time and effort that goes into it.  We evaluate your property and make you an offer.  If you agree, we can close - often one week later.  Now that is simple!  Make it even easier if you know how much you want to sell for - try our Sell It Now program.  Either way - learn more about how simple it really is.​

     >  Hassle Free - We Promise!  We’ll buy your home within seven days. That’s a lot better than waiting months and months, holding dozens of open houses and never getting a decent offer. We’ll make you an offer right now, over the phone, usually within 3 minutes.

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