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Sell Your Own Home Fast + Easy in Washington, DC


 Asking "How Do I Sell My Home Myself?"

Are you looking to sell your home yourself in the DC metro area?  Do you want to avoid agent commissions and fees, closing costs and concessions?  Are you looking to avoid fixing your home or staging it ?  Do you want to sell your home quickly and easily?


What ever the reason miught be that you  want to sell your own home - Congressional Home Buyers is your best option.  We are a local, DC-only home buyer focused on buying properties fast and creating and easy and pleasant selling experience. 

For Sale By Owner Alternative in DC

We are popular with sellers looking to sell their home on their own - not only because we are fast, but also because we are easy to deal with and are a much better alternative to the traditional sales process and FSBO.  We often pay as much or more (when you calculate all costs) than a homeowner would get listing FSBO or via a traditional sales transaction.  In fact, we are the preferred alternative to for sale by owner in Washington, DC.


Selling Your Home Yourself in Washington, DC


If you are looking to sell your home yourself in DC - our hat is off to you.  There are many reason to avoid the traditional real estate sales model - time, fees, costs, effort - the list goes on and on.  The reality is that when we talk to most sellers who want to sell a home on their own, they say they want to save money and time. 


Most sellers look into For Sale By Owner (FSBO) options.  We encourage you to look - these can be cost-effective options but the reality is that it takes a lot of time and effort to sell your home on your own with this option.  It is also a reality that the For Sale By Owner selling sites are highly fragmented and generate little traffic - making it hard to sell your own home at the price you want.  The National Association of Realtors did a comprehensive study and found that FSBO sellers actually sold their homes at higher price points than those of realtors  but it took up to seven weeks longer than the traditional model to do so and most turned to traditional sales before the process ended but then still took months to sell their property.  It sounds good but it really doesn't work.

of people who start a “for sale by owner” end up using an agent.*  Get the benefits of FSBO pricing (or better) and the speed and ease of a direct private sale with Congressional Home Buyers!


So the question is now - can I sell my own home fast and for a high price?  You have one real alternative if you want to sell a house yourself fast and for the right price in Washington DC - that is Congressional Home Buyers.  We offer a fast, easy and potentially more lucrative option when you are looking to sell your home yourself in Washington, DC.


Sell Your Home Easy With Congressional Home Buyers


Congressional Home Buyers allows homeowners to sell their own home in the matter of a week - we are that fast!  And it couldn't be easier than filling out our simple application to start selling your home yourself.  There is really no reason not to submit an application today to see what price we offer - it's no risk, no obligation and you can use it to help determine your own price for real estate for sale by owner packages if you go that route trying to sell your own home.


No matter what - understand that you can sell your home without an agent.  In fact selling your house without a realtor can save you time and money.  Washington, DC has high median home sales prices - meaning that agents take a huge cut of your sale price.  That really isn't fair as the work they do is pretty much the same no matter what the sale price.  And the dirty little secret is that almost all work done by  Washington DC real estate sales is automated by technology - from determining sales prices to listings to sale and closing process.  Put that extra money to work for you today and sell your home on your oen to Congressional Home Buyers.


We Can Pay As Much or More than Most FSBO or Traditional Listings


You might be asking yourself how?  Aren't home buyers supposed to offer below market offers?  The fact is that if you run the numbers, you will quickly see that our competitive off market home sale offers can be higher than a for sale by owner or a traditional sale. 


When you factor in the true amount received by an owner on a for sale by owner or a traditional real estate sale, our offers can come out ahead.  It's critical that people understand hoe much carrying their mortgage and other expenses actually costs.  It's even more important to value your time.


So Congressional Home Buyers is a leading For Sale By Owner alternative as well as an alternative to the traditional real estate sale model.


Sell A Home Without a Realtor in Washington, DC


If you are looking to sell your home without a realtor in DC, we can help.  Congressional Home Buyers is the fastest and easiest way to sell your home without a real estate agent or broker in DC.  We also provide highly competitive home sale offers that can be above market.  We are committed to making the process so easy you will use our company to sell your house everytime.  In fact, our process of selling your home without a real estate agent is the envy of many brokers.  You can sell your home without an agent in a week in Washington, DC by using Congressional Home Buyers.


How To Sell Your Home On Your Own? - Easy - Just Call Us!


Contact Congressional Home Buyers today to sell your house yourself fast!



*2010 National Association of Realtors Survey


No Risk | No Obligation | Fast

See if We Can Make You More!


Congressional Home Buyers is a leading home Buyer in DC because:

+ FAST - We can purchase your home in 7 days!

+ EASY - No one has an easier process in DC!

+ PRICE - We can often offer market and above!

+ CASH NOW - We offer cash advances now!

+ FRIENDLY - Our team is the best out there!

+ LOCAL - We only operate in DC - no randomness at all.



More Money!

Most people think because we are so fast and simple that there must be a catch and we pay less.  We do - but you can actually make more!  Look at this:


Our Offering Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........









Listing+Sales Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........








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