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Make the Right Choice

Learn more about why selling your DC area home to us makes so much sense:

Who We Are.

A Local DC Home Buyer

Congressional Home Buyers is a local Washington, DC area home buyer unlike many other companies you might "Google" when you are looking to sell your home. We provide better service, better offers and local expertise that makes a difference.

Dedicated to Great Service

Above all, we are dedicated to providing a superior service experience to sellers - from making the process fast + easy to being honest and transparent to offering great perks to sellers - you won't find this dedications to service anywhere.

Committed to Washington DC

Each member of our team is active in the community and takes pride in giving back.  We are committed to making the Washington, DC area a better place - whether by rehabbing blighted properties or volunteering our time to worth causes..

Our Values

Our values create the fabric of our culture and the framework for how buy homes and treat sellers.


A great customer service experience defines us.


Honesty and integrity sets us apart from others.


Make things easy on sellers - it doesn't have to be hard.


Treat others how we want to be treated.


Value each and every customer and transaction.

How We Work.

Dedicated + focused on providing outstanding service to make selling easy for you.  We believe in four core areas that provide real value to sellers.

Superior Service

  • Honest + Transparent

  • Direct Contact at All Times

  • Reliable + Flexible

  • Founders Involvement

  • Seller Incentives

Great Deals

  • Sell As-Is / Leave Junk Behind

  • Fast Closings (often 5 days) 

  • Fair + Reasonable Offers 

  • No 6% Agent Fees

  • Sell It Guarantee

Simple Process

  • 30 Seconds to Submit

  • Fast Offers

  • Simple Sales Contract

  • Close in 5 days

  • Seller Assistance

Trust + Honesty

  • No Bait and Switch

  • No Pressure/No Obligation

  • Sellers Recommend Us

  • Transparency at all Stages

  • Referrals if we can't buy

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Happy Sellers.

Dedicated employees focused on providing outstanding service to make selling easy for you.

We simply can't recommend Congressional Home Buyers enough.  They worked tirelessly to make sure we walked away with enough cash to start again.  You won't be disappointed!

Amazing service and the team at Congressional Home Buyers were there to help whenever an issue or question came up. I got a great offer and loved working with them!

Congressional Home Buyers made my home selling experience so easy.  They really focused on my needs and helped me get a deal I was very happy with.

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Our Team.

Brian Athey

Co-Founder + President

Brian is the President of Congressional Home Buyers and is actively involved in every home purchase.  He is a the founder and President of a DC real estate lending company and development business as well. Full Bio.

Loves to run; Skins and UVA fan

Chris Athey

Seller Concierge

Chris is our lead seller concierge at Congressional Home Buyers where he is responsible for seller outreach and managing sales transactions communication and process. 

Basketball, DC Sports, WVU

Alison Brennan


Alison is in charge of our finance and related administrative processes.  She brings years of experience in real estate finance to our team and helps make our sales go smoothly.

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Contact Us.

611 2nd St. NE, Unit 1
Washington, DC 20002
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