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Sell Your DC House Fast! | We Buy Homes Fast for Cash!


Looking to sell your home?  Our goal is to create a fast, simple and great selling experience that is a win-win for both sellers and us.  Since we can save you tens of thousands of dollars in commissions, listing fees and closing costs - as well as being months faster than traditional sales cycles - we truly revolutionize the selling process.  In fact, our offers are often more competitive than the traditional sales process and we can put more money in your pocket!  Learn more about our above market real estate offers here.

Sell Your Home Fast in Washington, DC

Looking to sell your home fast in Washington, DC?  Congressional Home Buyers can buy your home or property quickly - often in as fast as a week!  Thats right - we work with home sellers so that they can get cash for their DC home as fast as possible and we are often save home sellers more than 3 months of time and expense!  That's right save all the headaches of selling your home with an agent, make more money and do it faster!  That sounds like a win-win-win.


We know that sometimes people need to sell their homes fast and there are many reasons people contact Congressional Home Buyers when they are looking to sell a home quickly in DC.  But in reality - when you ask most people looking to sell their homes - they want to sell their home fast no matter what - its like most facets of life - we like instant gratification and realizing an item's full value as quickly as possible.


That is one of the reasons that home sellers in Washington, DC love working with Congressional Home Buyers - we make selling a home easy and truly fast so that sellers can realize the full value of their home fast!

The average time it takes to sell a home in Washington, DC: *

  • Traditional Agent Sale - 102 Days

  • For Sale By Owner - 100+ Days

  • Congressional Home Buyers - 10 Days


We buy almost any type of property.  We have years of experience buying and selling all types of properties in all types of markets.  Sellers mainly needs to sell primary and secondary residences, and we


In most cases we will buy your property AS-IS.  That means you don't have to worry about making any repairs, fixing it up for buyers or open houses, sinking more hard earned money into your house that likely won't receive any additional value.  All you need to do is disclose the current condition of your property and let us take a quick look (usually a fast 30 minute visit - sometimes we don't even need one).  Its that simple! 


​•  Single Family Homes

•  Townhouses

•  Condos

•  Multi-Tenant (Duplexes, Quads)

•  Apartment Buildings

•  Raw Land

•  Condemned Structures

•  Condo Buildings

•  Commercial

•  Mixed Use


Our process is as easy as 1-2-3-4Its that simple - really!  This is nothing like the traditional real estate sales process - agents, open houses, closing costs, commissions, inspections  not to mention all the time and effort that goes into it.  We evaluate your property and make you an offer.  If you agree, we can close - often one week later.  Now that is simple!  Make it even easier if you know how much you want to sell for - try our Sell It Now program.  Either way - learn more about how simple it really is.​




Pretty much anyone does - we have families, investors, developers, estates and more.  People who have lived in their house 6 months or 60 years.  People who have paid off their mortgage and people facing foreclosure.  People who have to sell because of a divorce or relocation.  Our platform offers advantages to pretty much everybody and so we find that pretty much everyone wants to sell to us.  If you have every asked yourself one of these questions, chances are we are right for you:

-  For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sounds good but it seems tough.  Are there alternatives?

-  The market still isn't where I need it to be.  How do I get out of this house?

-  I just got laid off and can't make my mortgage payments.  What do I do?

-  Ah - empty nesters at last.  How do we move to a small home quickly?

-  The divorce is final - time to move on.  How can I sell this home fast?

-  Great new job but need to start in 4 weeks.  How can I sell my house that fast?

-  The HVAC is broken again - I can't keep up with the repairs.  What do I do? 

-  I got this home from my relative.  How can I sell it quickly?

-  We have to get mom/dad into assisted living quick.  What do we do with the house?

-  If I don't sell it this week the bank will just take it.  Where do I go?


Congressional Home Buyers offers decades of experience with unmatched customer service.  Our clients will tell you time and again how happy they are having gone through this process.  Learn more about why to sell to us.

* - The average time to sell your home was calculated as follows:

  • Traditional Agent Sale - 102 Days - Average Days on Market in DC in April 2013 = 42 (NAR/MRIS) plus 30 days to find agent, fix and stage home and 30 days for closing (both numbers estimates but very conservative for many transactions)

  • For Sale By Owner - 100+ Days - estimate based on information collected by Congressional Home Buyers when talking to potential sellers

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