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Sell Your Vacant Home + Blighted Property In Washington, DC


Sell Vacant Property in DC Fast | Don't Let DCRA Fine and Tax You


We understand there are reasons people own vacant property - they hope to renovate at some point, they got too busy with life, they are waiting for the market to improve, there is no rush since its paid off, and the list goes on.  We aren't here to judge - it's your property and you can do what you want with it.  Of course the city views this differently and actively enforces neighborhood restrictions and quality requirements.

If you are a DC property owner who owns vacant property in DC or blighted property in DC - make sure you understand the implications of holding the property and what your options are.  Even if you are not on the official blighted list in the city, you may be placed on it quickly and there are real monetary penalties once that happens - fines and fees exponentially rise.


In most cases, it makes sense to sell your blighted property or vacant property in DC.  Selling via traditional real estate agents just doesn't make sense - penalties accrue very fast and even if you are not on the blighted list it can happen quickly and kill any deal once that happens.  Congressional Home Buyers is here to work with owners looking to sell blighted property in DC.  If you are wondering how to sell your blighted property fast in DC - we are the answer.

Sell Vacant Property in Washington DC Fast

Don't Mess With DCRA | Washington DC Vacant and Blighted Property Regulations


The Washington, DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) is responsible for enforcement of vacant and blighted properties.  DCRA’s Vacant Building Enforcement Unit (VBE) is investigates and classifies vacant and blighted buildings in DC with the goal of bringing property back to conforming and valid use.  The unit reacts to complaints from the community at large - whether citizens, Council, and other DC departments.  The investigate and then they will determine a property's status. DCRA will try to reach out to owners of blighted property or vacant buildings to put them on notice.  Of course, DCRA maintains the official list of all vacant and blighted buildings within the Washington, DC.

Did you know that property owners are actually required to self-report vacant and blighted property in Washington, DC?  There is no way around it - unless you sell your blighted property quickly to a private buyer like Congressional Home Buyers!

DCRA maintains some questions that help vacant property owners determine if they need to self-report.  Check out these vacant property reporting requirements in DC. Once your property is reported or it is determined that it its vacant or blighted - your taxes increase significantly.  The DC Office of Tax and Revenue can then is obligated by the DC Code to put the property into a higher property tax rate - which is the Class 3 rate for vacant property or Class 4 for blighted properties. 


What does that mean?  It means owners of vacant property in DC or blighted property in DC can expect HUGE tax bills.  And we mean it - a tax bill can increase by 900% or more - from $4,000 to $40,000.  That's a lot of money for anyone and quickly eats into any equity you might have.


Selling Vacant Property in DC | Selling Blighted Property in DC

So you now understand the problem of owning vacant or blighted property in DC.  DCRA will get you one way or another - neighborhood associations and concerned citizens are becoming more active.  Your really don't have many options when it comes to selling vacant property in DC.  The one place where you can turn is to Congressional Home Buyers.  At Congressional Home Buyers, we can buy vacant property in DC fast and for cash.  Same thing with blighted property, we buy blighted property in Washington DC in one week and pay cash.

Sell Vacant Property in Washington DC Fast

We are the fastest and easiest way to sell vacant and blighted property in Washington, DC.  So don't hesitate to contact us if you are even worried about being put on the list.  Once DCRA contacts you about a vacant or blighted property in DC - your first call should be to Congressional Home Buyers.  Even if we aren't the answer, we might be able to connect you to hard money lender in DC who might be able to help as well.


Don't Pay Increased Taxes on Condemned, Vacant or Blighted Property in Washington, DC


Congressional Home Buyers is the leading buyer of vacant property, blighted property and condemned properties in Washington, DC.  Our founders have over 15 years of real estate experience in Washington, DC and are able move fast and help you sell your condemned house or property fast.


Congressional Home Buyers will pay you cash in as fast as seven days for your condemned property, vacant property or blighted property in Washington, DC. Often we will renovate and rehabilitate the property or demolish it to make way for a new build.  Congressional Home Buyers will buy property in any condition and will help you make sure that all, fines, liens, judgments and other violations are taken care of FAST.


Why Sell Your Vacant House, Blighted House or Condemned House or Property to Us?


Don't ask yourself: How do I sell my vacant or blighted property fast in Washington, DC?  The answer is simple.  At Congressional Home Buyers, we buy vacant homes or property, blighted homes or property and condemned homes or property:


  • Fast - We can buy in 7 days.

  • Easy - Fill out our easy application

  • Competitive - We are often at or above market price

  • Pleasant - Well as enjoyable as selling real estate can be - our team of trusted employees makes selling your vacant or blighted real estate a pleasant experience. 


So fill out our easy form or contact us today!



No Risk | No Obligation | Fast

See if We Can Make You More!


Congressional Home Buyers is a leading home Buyer in DC because:

+ FAST - We can purchase your home in 7 days!

+ EASY - No one has an easier process in DC!

+ PRICE - We can often offer market and above!

+ CASH NOW - We offer cash advances now!

+ FRIENDLY - Our team is the best out there!

+ LOCAL - We only operate in DC - no randomness at all.



More Money!

Most people think because we are so fast and simple that there must be a catch and we pay less.  We do - but you can actually make more!  Look at this:


Our Offering Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........









Listing+Sales Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........








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