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Sell Your Rental Property or Investment Property in Washington, DC


Selling Your Rental Properties in DC - The Easy Way


Are you a real estate investor, property owner or landlord in Washington, DC?  Are you looking to sell multiple properties at one time in DC?  Do you need to sell a few rental properties or apartment building quickly?  Congressional Home Buyers is your partner - we have the team, resources and commitment to buy multiple properties and investment properties quickly and easily in Washington, DC.  Learn more below.


Sell Your Rental Property Fast in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a diverse community with many types of housing options: rowhouses, apartment buildings, single family homes, walk-ups, large condminium buildings, boutique condo conversions, townhouses, small rental complexes and much more.  We take our hat off particulary to the small and medium size real estate investors and landloards in DC.  They are the ones that provide housing to  folks in our area that is accessible, reasonable and has character. 


If you own investment property in DC or multiple properties in DC as a landlord or passive investor - Congressional Home Buyers will buy all your property at once - it couldn't be easier.  We can pay cash for your investment property, close fast and pay you competitive - often above market - prices for your properties.  Don't deal with the hassle of listing and closing on multiple properties.  Sell them all at once to Congressional Home Buyers.

Sell Home When Relocating From DC

Sell Your Apartment Buildings in Washington, DC


Do you need to sell an apartment building or rental building in DC?  If you own one or more apartment buildings in Washington, DC - Congressional Home Buyers will buy your rental properties fast and easy.  Owning an apartment building or rental complex in DC is a great way to not only invest your money but to earn a living.  Many of the people we buy apartment buildings and rentals from are hard workers who bootstrapped their money and smartly invested in real estate in Washington, DC.  With the market where it is in DC, now is a good time to sell your apartment building in DC to maximize its value and realize fully on your investment.

When we talk to multi-unit property owners - they are at their happiest when they have just sold a their apartment buildings in Washington, DC - because of the full return on their investment but also because it eases concerns about fluctuating markets.  Many have seen the good and the bad cycles and know that timing is important.  Congressional Home Buyers provides an easy and fast way to sell your rental buildings in DC and to try and time the market (if you want).  However, many of the investment property owners we deal with sell to us only because it is so easy and fast.

How to Sell Your Rental Property at Once in Washington, DC

Family Moving Job Relocation Sold Home in DC

Many real estate investors and investment property owners are able to slowly build a large portfolio of multiple investment properties in Washington, DC.  Usually they start with one, roll their earnings and equity into the next property and before you know it, they are on to their 3rd, 4th and 10th properties.  We love talking to these investors and property owners - they have such a unique perspective on the city and the market.   However, its eventually time to get out and realize the full gain on their investment.  That is when owners of multiple investment properties in DC turn to Congressional Home Buyers.  They know that we will buy their multiple properties fast, easy and at a competitive and fair price.  We offer a investment property selling platform that is unrivaled in the city and makes it extremely simple to sell multiple buildings at once in Washington, DC.

Our team is expert at evaluating and offering on multiple properties at once.  No real estate investment portfolio is too big (or too small) for Congressional Home Buyers.  So whether you are looking to sell two properties or twenty in Washington, DC - we can handle it quickly and effectively.  So if you are looking to sell multiple properties at once - call Congressional Home Buyers today.


We are Experts at the Regulations Governing Landlord and Investment Properties in DC


At Congressional Home Buyers, we have experience dealing with all of the tricky issues when it comes to selling multiple investment properties at once in Washington, DC.  We understand the rules and regulations of DCRA and the OTA and are intimately famillar with TOPA, rent control and related restrictions.  To say DC is a tenant-friendly jurisdiction is an understatment.  But if you own multiple properties or rental units in DC, we aren't telling you something you didn't already know.  Our team is experienced in dealing with these issues and can create a streamlined process and fast closing in even the most complicated situations.


Sell Your Investment Property in DC Today


No Risk | No Obligation | Fast

See if We Can Make You More!


Congressional Home Buyers is a leading home Buyer in DC because:

+ FAST - We can purchase your home in 7 days!

+ EASY - No one has an easier process in DC!

+ PRICE - We can often offer market and above!

+ CASH NOW - We offer cash advances now!

+ FRIENDLY - Our team is the best out there!

+ LOCAL - We only operate in DC - no randomness at all.



More Money!

Most people think because we are so fast and simple that there must be a catch and we pay less.  We do - but you can actually make more!  Look at this:


Our Offering Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........









Listing+Sales Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........








As you can see, we are experts on buying multiple investment properties in DC.  Whether you need to sell a small apartment building or twenty rental rowhouses in the District, Congressional Home Buyers is here to work with you fast and easy to make sure you can realize the full return on your investment.


So if you want to sell multiple properties at once in Washington, DC or are looking to sell your real estate investment portfolio or apartment buildings, Congressional Home Buyers will put a dedicated team together to help you sell everything cleanly and quickly.  Our entire team of professionals is here and ready to help so contact us today and get going!

Family Moving Job Relocation Sold Home in DC

"Should I Sell My Rental Property?"  Don't Ask - Just Call Us!


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