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Selling an Inherited Home and Selling Houses in Probate in Washington, DC


Sell Inherited Houses and Sell Houses in Probate Fast - In 7 Days 


At Congressional Home Buyers, we understand that selling inherited property can be a difficult and emotional time for family.  Real estate is often the largest and most valuable part of the estate to be settled,  we are here to help.  We've made selling a inherited home in DC simple, fast and a pleasant experience.


If you are asking how do I sell a house in probate or how do I sell a home I inherited in Washington, DC - Congressional Home Buyers is your answer.  We understand that coping with the passing of a loved one can be hard, and the last thing you want to think about is how to sell a home or other real estate that you have inherited in Washington, DC.   So it's important to understand what your options are as you try and determine what to do with inherited property or a home in probate in DC.

All estates in Washington, DC must go through probate.  However, DC offers an accelerated probate process with minimal oversight that would allow you to sell an inherited home quickly to Congressional Home Buyers!

How to Sell a Home Probate or an Inherited Home?

Great question - it's important to get things right.  There are certain procedures that must be followed when administering an estate and selling an inherited home in DC.  We put together a great resource on understanding probate in DC and tips for understanding how to sell an inherited property.  Check it out so you better understand your right an obligations as you look to sell an inherited home in DC.  And then come back to learn about why Congressional Home Buyers can help you.

Sell Inherited Home Fast in DC

The probate process in DC can be complicated or easy but there are formalities you must follow in either case.  In addition to checking out the article above, you can also call Congressional Home Buyers and we can help with the process and answer any questions.  If you want to contact the probate court directly, here is a good place to start determining what you need to do regarding probate in DC.


Why to Consider Selling An Inherited House Privately


Depending on the size of the estate, the probate process and estate administration can get complicated and take a long time.  Dealing with the estate and maintaining a vacant property can be a lot to handle.  Leaving a house unoccupied even for a short period of time can lead to vandals, squatters or damage - don't let that happen.


If the inherited property needs a renovation (for example, the bathrooms are old, the kitchen needs an update, repairs to HVAC or electrical are needed), to get the most value, you will need to do a full renovation before selling.  Renovations takes time and money of course so we recommend that estate representatives and heirs evaluate the costs and time to renovate/repair vs. selling quickly for cash.  The reality is that there is almost no project where you have a positive return on your investment when it comes to home renovations - all lose money.  With Congressional Home Buyers selling an inherited home doesn't involve any repairs or renovations - in fact, don’t bother even vacuuming, dusting or take out the trash! Just pick up your cash and move on with your life!  Most times you'll be amazed how it makes sense to sell to a DC property buyer as you don't have to renovate and you don't pay the costs of a mortgage or line of credit while you do so.


Ownership costs continue while you are administering the estate and trying to sell the inherited property.  Taxes, utility bills, homeowners insurance and mortgage or equity line payments (if any) don't stop just because someone has died.  These costs can add up quickly and keep on accumulating each month.


The traditional real estate sales cycle takes a long time and incurs many fees and costs.  There are real estate commissions, closing costs, buyer allowances, staging costs, repairs after inspections and other fees.  Even in a seller's market, the real estate process takes at least 3-4 months - often longer.


Congressional Home Buyers allows you to avoid all of these issues - no repairs, no ongoing costs and no big fees when selling.  We do not charge you real estate commissions. We do not charge you any fees. We just buy Inherited houses and houses in Probate!  Selling your property from an estate can't be easier or faster.  Contact us if you want to sell your inherited home in DC today.


Sell Estate Property in Washington, DC


If you are looking to sell estate property in Washington, DC - Congressional Home Buyers is the answer.  We offer a fast, easy and pleasant selling experience and we can buy your house in as fast as 7 days.  Selling inherited property in DC isn't easy but can make it so. 


We Respect Your Privacy and Want to Help


When working with Congressional Home Buyers, all interactions are confidential and private.  We promise to do our best to answer any questions that you may have and help you understand your options for selling inherited property.  We can also refer you to trusted sources in the Washington, DC area including Estate Lawyers who can assist you with the legal specifics of dealing with estates estate liquidations as well as Estate Sales Professionals who assist with selling the contents of an inherited home.


Sell Your Inherited Property or Property in Probate in Washington, DC - Fast and For Cash


At Congressional Home Buyers, we specialize in buying properties in probate and houses that were inherited in Washington, DC.  We are a local - DC only firm and know the people and the market.  We have bought many houses from estates, and we know the process well.  We specialize in buying your inherited house “as is”  for cash, even if it needs lots of renovations and work.  Don't ask "How do I sell my inherited home in DC fast?"  The answer is simple - Congressional Home Buyers.  We handle all the paperwork, and we even pay all closing costs.


Call our office today  and speak with one of our probate and inheritance professionals. Let us help you move on and get a good deal for the inherited property.


Sell  Inherited Property or Homes in Probate In 7 Days


At Congressional Home Buyers, we can buy your estate home, inherited home or home in probate in as fast as 7 days.  We can also be cheaper than trying to sell your estate home yourself or using the traditional real estate sales process.  Check out the comparison of how we put more money in your pocket when you are trying to sell a home fast in Washington, DC.


Simply complete the Property Submission Form or call us now 703-95-QUICK. It takes only a few days to get cash for your inherited home in Washington, DC.


No Risk | No Obligation | Fast

See if We Can Make You More!


Congressional Home Buyers is a leading home Buyer in DC because:

+ FAST - We can purchase your home in 7 days!

+ EASY - No one has an easier process in DC!

+ PRICE - We can often offer market and above!

+ CASH NOW - We offer cash advances now!

+ FRIENDLY - Our team is the best out there!

+ LOCAL - We only operate in DC - no randomness at all.



More Money!

Most people think because we are so fast and simple that there must be a catch and we pay less.  We do - but you can actually make more!  Look at this:


Our Offering Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........









Listing+Sales Price: .........

Carrying Costs:.................

Closing + Trxn Costs:.......

Value of Your Time:........








Sell Probate Real Estate Fast in DC
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