Need To Sell Your Home Fast Due to a Divorce or Separation? 


 Selling Your Home Shouldn't Be Another Fight


Chances are that if you found this page you are considering a divroce or separation or are currently separated or divorced.  We know that divorces can be very difficult and our best wishes for as amicable a separation as possible.  Many people wonder about finances and property when considering a divorce - who gets what, who pays for it, what will I be left with, what will my obligations be?  All real and important questions.  We don't claim to be divorce attorneys but we can provide some information about selling your home when facing a divorce in Washington, DC.


Selling Your Home in a Divorce

For most people, the house is the largest single asset they have.  Couples often buy homes  jointly and thus homes are assets in the marital estate.   Many ask if they have to sell a home during a divorce.  The answer is of course not and the fact is that most couples will negotiate who owns the home during a separation.  How to divide the house during a divorce or separation can be a hotly contested issue.  However, the reality is that most individuals end up selling the house during the separation or divorce because finances change when separating and so do housing needs.

If both spouses are still on the mortgage and deed, each are fully liable for all debts/claims (including future foreclosures, negative equity, etc.) even if the separation agreement says one owns it.  Avoid problems by selling during your separation.

Holding on to a house during a separation or divorce can be costly in the DC area.  Most couples are focused on more important matters but the money that goes into paying the mortgage, insurance, bills and all other home expenses add up.  One of the likely side effects of a separation or divorce is a reduction in income.  Usually one of the individuals will try to remain in the home, likely to find themselves in a position where they just can't make the monthly mortgage payment. The fact is that most couples should sell immediately upon separation to save time and money and create a fresh start.  The other reality is that both spouses are likley going to be on the hook for any debts, claims or liabilities until they are both removed from the deed and mortgage - something that doesn't always happen unless you have an astute lawyer and something that doesn't usually happen until after the separation anyways.  Don't take a chance with being on the hook for your former spouses actions - sell your home to avoid the problems.  


Going through a separation or divorce is tough enough without also having to sell a home.  Sellers need to put a lot of effort into marketing a house they are going to sell, from negotiating a listing contract with an agent, to staging the home, to showing the home to potential buyers, to waiting on offers, to reviewing and negotiating offers, to waiting for closing, and much more.  

Selling A House During A Divorce | Selling a House After a Divorce


Selling your home during a divorce can take a lot of time, effort and money when your time and efforts are usually better spent elsewhere.  Selling a home in a divorce or separation can make a lot of sense for divorcing couples but selling the home should be made knowing all your options.  Washington, DC is a tough market generally for lots of reasons - don't get caught up in the problems of selling assets in your divorce.


Congressional Home Buyers answers the question "How do I sell my home in a divorce?"  We are experts at buying homes from divorced or separated couples.  Divorce house selling is one our areas of expertise - we can effective deal with both parties and take this big concern off your hands.


We Make it Easy and Reasonable to Sell Your Home Because of a Divorce in Washington, DC


Let Congressional Home Buyers help take away some stress in your life if you are facing enough with a separation or divorce.  Selling your home during a separation or divorce shouldn’t be another problem. Sell your home fast with Congressional Home Buyers.


At Congressional Home Buyers, time and time again we get compliments from sellers who often remark how easy and pleasant selling their home during such a difficult time was.  We strive to make home sales during separations and divorces easy for people in Washington, DC.  So we offer purchases in as fast as 7 days, an easy application process and cash advances.  Our team is here to help - call us if you are considering selling your home due to a divorce in DC.


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