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Why My House Is Not Selling In 2018

Have you been trying to sell your house but had no luck? There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to a house not selling. Today we are going to tell you some of the reasons that your house may not be selling so that you can take them, fix them, and sell your house.

Poor Advertising

Advertising plays a big role in selling anything in the modern world. If your agent (or you) hasn’t put in maximum effort when it comes to advertising, chances are you will not see anyone looking at your house. You should have photographs on the listing for most, if not all rooms, and multiple outside angles. Photos should be high quality, and if possible, shot by a professional photographer.

To further that, the listing should properly describe your home in detail. Want to get the best written description possible? Consider hiring a professional writer through a service like Fiverr to write your description for you.

The listing should appear across the internet on websites such as: Zillow, RedFin, Trulia, and Realtor. It may feel off, but each one of these services can catch a different audience. You never know when you will catch the buyer’s attention, or where.

Your Home Isn’t Prepared To Be Viewed

A lot of people don’t think about preparing their home to be viewed. We don’t mean placing furniture strategically around a room (although that helps) but there is more to be done. Decluttering and depersonalizing your home allows for people to imagine themselves in your house. Without this step you are hindering people’s ability to see themselves in your house.

Every time you have a viewing of your home you should clean and prepare the house so that it is ready for sale. Cleaning is a key part of making your house sell.

Your Home Needs Some Care

Homes that need repairs or some tender love and care will take more time to sell. It is as simple as that. Consider putting some work into your home in order to make it sell. Replacing basic fixtures and appliances can go a long way. Making much needed repairs will go the furthest though.

Simple upgrades such as smart home features, appealing door handles, a ceiling fan, can all make a home sell quicker.

Your Home Isn’t Priced To Sell

In the current market price plays a major role in whether or not your home will sell. You need to think carefully about how much you want to sell your house for. Use similar houses in your neighborhood to get an idea of where to place your price. At the same time, take into account repairs and upgrades when considering a price.

A price that is just $10,000 higher than what the home should cost will turn away buyers and can continue to turn them away for months. Even if you reduce the price of the house.

Bad Paperwork

Title problems can make a potential buyer extremely worried about buying a home. They are concerned that the home may not actually be able to sell. In most cases, time will fix title problems such as your mortgage showing up as unpaid when you already paid it. For other cases you may have to consult with an attorney or real estate agent to see how to fix the issue.

Sell To A Home Buying Company

One of the quickest ways to get a fair price for your home is to use a home buying company. If you are in the Washington DC area, you want to use Congressional Home Buyers. They are the leading home buying company that pays cash for homes. The process takes less than 30 days and you will find it much easier than traditional routes of selling.

Check out their website for more information:

Each one of these points should be considered. Think over them and determine whether or not they are what is holding your house back. If one of them is preventing you from selling that house, fix it and you should be able to sell. Consider the fast and fair option of selling to a home buying company too.


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