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Military Homes For Sale by Owner in Washington DC

Washington DC is a place full of military personnel. When it comes time for one to change their duty station they are often left with a Washington DC home that they need to do something with. While some people consider renting the house out, that can lead to a whole new set of issues. Such as being sent far away and not being able to manage the rental.

So when you are in the military and trying to sell your own home in Washington DC you will often need to sell your home quickly. Chances are you will also want to get the most money for your house possible.

So how does a military family sell their own home? Especially when you will be busy packing and with wrapping up at your duty station.

Clean Whenever You Can

The best way to make a home ready to sell for quick is to have it spotless. Clean everything from the floor to the baseboards and behind the washer. The cleaner you make the home, the better it will look for people who see the house.

For military homes this can be difficult to do while you are also trying to arrange schooling for kids, packing, and a moving crew. There are home cleaners that specialize in move out cleaning services. Typically these will run you only a couple hundred dollars. Some even specialize in green cleaning and bring their own supplies, allowing you to pack up everything.

Make Small Repairs

Being in the military doesn’t give you much time off. Neither does getting ready for a move. But if you have the time to make small repairs around the home, it can seriously increase the value of your home. Any broken hinges on cabinet doors, toilets that have a small leak, that broken outlet. Any of those small things can be noticed by a potential buyer and may cost you money in your sale.

A well cleaned and repaired home is also viewed as a home that sees regular care. It sets people at ease and makes them more interested in buying from an owner. Some people do have a stigma around buying directly from a homeowner.

Be Ready To Close The Sale

Before it becomes time to close the sale make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row. Have an attorney or service on speed dial to help you with the closing paperwork. Also make sure that you read up on the proper Washington DC sales laws and regulations.

A lot of the hold up on a home for sale by owner is from the closing process. People do not prepare beforehand to handle the different steps. Partially because real estate agents typically handle a majority of the difficult work.

Sell Quickly With A Cash For Houses Company

To sell your home the quick way you can turn to a Washington DC cash for homes company. These companies specializing in buying homes from people. Because all they do is buy homes from people they have become quite quick at the process. Most home sales close within two weeks.

In order to initiate the process the majority of these companies use a quote service that you can access online. These are initial quotes based on public information, Google Maps, and other tools that can be easily accessed. Sometimes this quote is low and you can have an onsite inspection within a couple of days.

Typically these companies are willing to offer good quotes online. Home buying companies purchase homes for a number of reasons, including for flipping, renovation, and renting.

For most people these home buying services are the best option because it gets them cash to buy a new home and completes the sale quickly. That way they don’t have to come back to sign papers or do any other work. Everything is taken care of before they leave.

Military homes present homeowners with a unique problem. Needing to sell their house quickly with minimal work. Hopefully this guide helps you to accomplish that. Make sure to read some of our others posts to have more questions answered.


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