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Washington DC Area Real Estate Property Tools

A number of property tools are available on the Washington DC government webpage. You can find these tools on this page of the DC website: We have prepared a brief description of each tool for you.

Real Property Tax Database

The Real Property Tax Database is a tool operated by the Office of Tax Revenue. Anyone can utilize the tool to access information about real properties around Washington DC. When you look up a property you get access to a lot of information: owner’s details, property details, and the current use of the property. The database allows you to search and filter by a handful of variables to obtain information on a variety of properties.

People from multiple industries use the Real Property Tax Database, it can also be used for personal information. Insurance companies and loan companies use the database to access property information to make decisions. You can also use it to determine what offer to make when attempting to buy a house.

Land Records and Deeds

The Land Records and Deeds website is used to store information about the properties in Washington DC. The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for maintaining the database and taking the information that is placed into the database. You can find information on ownership of properties around the Washing DC area using the Land Records and Deeds tool. Information about leases and easements can also be found in the database.

You might turn to the Land Records and Deeds tool to verify ownership of a property or even to establish who owns the property in the first place.

Zoning Regulations and Maps

The Zoning Regulations and Maps database stores information on the properties around the Washington DC area and what they are used for. The DC Office of Zoning is responsible for maintaining the database. Zoning determines what you can and can’t do with a property. Utilizing the Zoning Regulations and Map database you can determine what different properties around the Washington DC area are zoned for. Most people think in terms of commercial zoning and residential zoning but you can also find information on the exemptions, liens, and tax information.

You can utilize the Zoning Regulations and Maps tool in order to determine what you can do with a property that you buy. Property owners that don’t know about their own property can also use it to determine the status of your own property.


PropertyQuest is a tool for those who are interested in properties in order to determine information about them. Unlike many of the tools on this list, PropertyQuest has a wide variety of property information available to users. The DC Office of Planning maintains the database and regularly updates the database with new information and features. PropertyQuest is especially helpful if you are attempting to locate historical information on DC area properties.

Typically PropertyQuest is the first place that people go to find information on DC area properties because it is a collection of information.

DC Government Property Search

People are not the only ones that own property in the DC area. To find property and information on property owned by the DC government, you can utilize the DC Government Property Search tool. The tool is managed by The Department of General Services.

Most often this tool is used to determine the exact government ownership of property that is within DC. Real estate agents, government employees, and more use this tool to determine information on property.

Open Data Catalog

The Open Data Catalog is a tool that you can use to access information from a variety of databases. You can also design your own database access tools from the Open Data Catalog.

Congressional Home Buyers

These are all tools that Congressional Home Buyers uses to analyze properties in the Washington DC area. If you are looking to sell your home in the DC area, Congressional Home Buyers will buy your place with cash. Not only do you get your home purchased with cash, you get a fair price and quickly. A sale with Congressional Home Buyers can be completed in as little as 11 days.

With the help of the above tools you can get a better grasp on property analysis in the Washington DC area. Use them to find all of the information that you may need.


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