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Things To Do Before Putting Your House On The Market In Washington DC

Washington DC is a major hub for the United States. Houses of all kinds have been popular in the area. In order to sell your home and make it stand out amongst the others, you need to prepare your home before putting it on the market. What do you need to do before putting your house on the market?

Research The Market

Unless you need to sell immediately, you should always take the time to look at the market before listing your house. Listing at the right time will help you to sell your home quicker and to get the most price for it. If you list your house at the worst time, you might have a really hard time selling your home.

Use websites such as Zillow or RedFin to get the research that you need.

Clean Your Home

A dirty home is a sign of a place that hasn’t been well taken care of. Take the time to pick up Knick knacks, vacuum the house, clean windows, etc. Your home should be as close to spotless as possible. Not just clean but organized.

This includes taking care of your yard.

Fix The Small Things

Every house has small problems that can become reasons to hold your home back from getting its full potential. We aren’t talking about updating your whole kitchen (although that can be helpful). Instead, we are talking about looking for loose handles or rails. Small things that are noticeable and could build up.

Scuffs in the wall should also be repaired/painted over. Any carpet stains or similar issues should be fixed if possible.

Remove Personal Items

When someone goes to view a home, it is important that they are able to picture themselves living in your house. That becomes very hard to do when there are personal items such as photographs or kid’s drawings.

Remove any items from the house that might make it hard for someone to picture themselves in your home. If you can get a storage unit or store them at someone else’s house so they don’t get shoved in a closet.

As for personal items of high value you. You need to make sure they are kept safe. During home showings, it isn’t unheard of for jewelry, money, small pieces of art to go missing. A home safe is a good option for that too. Many insurance companies will reduce your premiums if you have a home safe to put your valuables in.

Make Sure Your Home Is Up To Code

It can be really hard to sell a home that isn’t up to code. Have an inspector come by and review your home for anything that might need to be updated or repaired. This is especially important for older homes.

Talk To Your Neighbors

Talk with your neighbors to see if they will help you by keeping their yard and homes in tip top shape. A well taken care of neighborhood increases the curb appeal and value of your home. Some sellers will offer to do basic curb appeal tasks for their neighbors such as raking leaves or picking up trash. Small tasks like this will make a big difference.

Consider Using Congressional Home Buyers

If you want to get the best price for your home while selling it fast, you should consider using a home buying company that pays cash. In Washington DC, one of the best companies for home buying is Congressional Home Buyers. Congressional Home Buyers specialize in buying and selling houses and that brings with it years of experience.

With the help of Congressional Home Buyers you can sell your home in as little as 11 days. The first day or two is to submit your information and get a quote. Then after that, the rest of the time is for closing. A quote can even be offered without a home viewing, the most accurate quote requires a home viewing though.

Use these tips to prepare your home to sell before even listing it on the market. Once you complete each tip, your home will be ready to sell. But to sell quickly, make sure you check out Congressional Home Buyers.


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