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How To Sell Home Fast And For Top Dollar In Washington DC

Washington DC is one of the most important cities in the United States. It is home to the capital and many other government entities. That means that homes are constantly being bought and sold. With the constantly changing nature of the DC environment, it is important to be able to sell your house fast and still get top dollar.

We are going to explore some of the best ways to do that. When it comes down to it, there is a very fast way and then there is a fast, but slower route.

Use A Cash For Homes Buyers

The fastest possible route for you to sell your home is to use a cash for homes buyers. Cash for homes isn’t always the first option on most people’s mind. This is because there are good cash for homes buyers but there are also those that are less than reputable. That being said, this is the same as any industry.

In Washington DC the best cash for homes buyer option is Congressional Home Buyers. It is one of the most well-known and respected for offering fair prices and quick turnaround. Not just that, they maintain good relationships with many industry professionals in the area.

Typically a cash for homes buying company has a minimum of two steps and an average of three steps. The first step is an online form where you provide information about you and the home that you are looking to sell. After this information is provided, you will get an initial offer based on the information you provided and public record.

The second step is optional. In this step, a professional is sent out to your home to perform an assessment. The assessment is used to determine the exact quality of your home so top dollar can be offered. Many companies can perform the assessment the same day that you put in your information.

Lastly, you still have to go through closing even though you are getting cash for your home. Closing is where all of the paperwork is drafted and the cash is prepared. Closing can take between seven days and two weeks when you are using a cash for homes buyer. Other routes can take twice as long for closing. Sometimes months are involved.

Consider A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can also be used to sell a home fast. They are industry professionals and they can help you to get the word of your home out. There are two main reasons that real estate agents aren’t used often for fast home sales.

When using a real estate agent you are at the mercy of the market. Your agent has to get out there and find a buyer. There isn’t immediately a buyer lined up. But they know how to attract buyers quickly.

Second, a real estate agent takes out a fee. Depending on your agent and local laws, that fee can be significant. There are routes you can go to avoid fees, such as for sale by owner. However, there will be fees that you will have to pay to those who help with the sale process.

Overall, real estate agents are a favored way of selling your home. But there is no guarantee that it will be fast like a cash for homes company.

Make Modifications And Repairs

Depending on how long you have to sell your home, consider making minor modifications and repairs. The better off your house is the more likely someone is to want the home. You can also receive a higher price for a home that is in tip-top shape.

To make a sale fast, make sure that you have as many repairs done as possible.

When it comes down to selling your home fast, there is only one real option in Washington DC. That is to use a cash for homes buyer. These companies specialize in making fast sales while still providing a fair price. Take a look into Congressional Home Buyers and the other cash for houses companies that exist in Washington DC. You will quickly see that it is possible to get a fast sale.


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