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How To List Your Home For Sale

Learning how to list your home for sale can prepare you to move and will educate you about the housing market in general. Unlike many believe before doing research, listing your house isn’t a quick and simple process. It involves a fair amount of work. Work that will often be rewarding though.

Use An Agent

The traditional method of selling a houses involves using an agent. This can be a relatively easy way but you do lose some of the profit. Agents do most of the work for you, and in return, they take a sales commission. At the same time, an agent can often sell a house quicker and has a lot of resources at their disposal.

Listing Your Own Home

To list your own home takes more work but is a rewarding process. You also get the most possible income from the sale. Here’s how.

Pick A Price

The first step to listing your house is often to come up with a price. An inspector can provide you a price estimate for your house. You can also look for the Zestimate on Zillow or the recent sales prices for other houses in your area.

Carefully think through your pricing. Overpricing your home can affect your ability to sell the home, even if you later lower the price. At the same time, it is always a good idea to know the absolute minimum you will take for your house.

Prepare Your House

Spend time making your home ready for sale. That means cleaning the home, performing repairs, and removing personal items. You want the potential buyer to be able to picture themselves in your home.

Take photos for the listing. It used to be tradition to hire a professional but that can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to over $10,000. A high quality smartphone camera or a DSLR will give you quality listing photos.

List Online

Many websites allow you to post your home for sale online. When you post your home, you are given a flat rate charge, and sometimes a charge for services such as a yard sign or home video.

Be Ready To Answer Questions

You are going to get a lot of questions about your house. Be prepared to answer them. The sooner you respond to questions, the more likely you will be to be able to sell your home. Be honest in your messages and don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know but I will find out.”

Be Ready To Accept An Offer

If someone likes your home, they will extend an offer. Often an offer is for less than the asking price. Consider every offer that comes through and know that you can negotiate with the potential buyer. This is normal.

Say your house stays on the market for month after month, consider reducing the asking price or taking lower offers. This could be a sign that you overvalued your home.

Hire An Attorney

Real estate agents draft up a lot of paperwork in order to sell a house. When it comes time to sell you can either hire an attorney to do this for you or use an online service. Make sure that either way, you pick a reputable service.

Sell Quicker With A House Buying Company

A variety of house buying companies exist around the world. These companies offer you cash for your home then fix it up. One great example of a company that does this is Congressional Home Buyers focuses on DC based homes and provides outstanding customer service and fair offers.

The process is incredibly simple. You start by submitting your info. Congressional Home Buyers completes an offer and contract within 24 hours. After that closing takes up to 10 days but is often completed sooner than that.

Now that you know some of the pro tips for selling your home, you will be ready to get the best price with the method that you want. Just remember to keep an open mind and it never hurts to submit your info to see what a home buying company is willing to offer you. The payment might surprise you.


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