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How To Get Your House Ready To Sell In 30 Days

If you are going to sell your home, you want to get the best price. If you want to sell it in 30 days though, you might be limited on what you can do to get your home ready for sell. We are going to take a look at some of the best ways to get your home ready to sell in 30 days.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning is the name of the game. When you are trying to sell a house fast you want to make sure that it is perfectly clean. That means spending a lot of time picking stuff up, vacuuming, dusting, and the likes. Make sure to keep up with the cleaning until the house sells. It is surprising how quickly a home will need another cleaning.

You also want to declutter the home. That may mean that you need to send some of your items to storage for a little while, but that will help your home to sell much faster. People want to get the feeling that they will fit in your house.

Make Your Home A Blank Canvas

Imagination is great but it only works when a potential buyer has the ability to see themselves in your house. You can maximize their ability to picture this by removing personal items. Store photographs, toys, political items, religious items, and anything that is specific to you or your family.

Raise That Curb Appeal

Most judgements of a house are made within the first few seconds that someone sees a home. That means that the exterior of the house and the yard play a big role in sale price. Spend some time upgrading and caring for your yard in order to maximize the appearance of your home from the street.

Raking, sweeping, and mowing regularly while your house is on the market will help to make it sell even faster. Potential buyers want to see what the house looks like when it is well taken care of.

Consider Small Upgrades

There are a number of small upgrades that you can make to your home in order to get a better price and to make it more appealing. Appliances are a good example of a quick and easy upgrade. You can get a matching set for under $4,000. You can replace faucets, paint the house, and/or put in new carpet.

Price To Sell

One of the best ways to sell your house fast is to price it to sell. Maximize the appearance and quality of your house and balance that with a price that is considered fair or a steal and you will notice that your home will sell a lot quicker. The higher you price your home, the longer it will typically stay on the market.

Over pricing by even $10,000 can cause your home to stay on the market for months. Lowering the price once you have overpriced can still cause a delay in the sale. People want to make sure there is nothing wrong with a home when the price is lowered.

Sell To A Home Buying Company

By far, the quickest way to sell a home is with a home buying company. Companies like Congressional Home Buyers will buy your house for cash. Most times this can be done in only a matter of weeks. If everything goes smoothly it can be done quicker too.

The process is extremely simple. You submit your information about your home and schedule an appointment for a walkthrough (within 24 hours). A walkthrough is optional but does allow you to get the best sale price possible. Finally, you have closing within 10 days.

People from around Washington DC have turned to Congressional Home Buyers to sell their homes in 30 days.

Selling a home is never easy but with these tips we will make it even easier for you. Who thought that you could sell a house in just 30 days? Well it is possible, and maximize the price with these tips. Have a tip of your own? Make sure you let everyone know in the comments section down below.


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