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How To Get Ready To Sell Your House In A Week In Washington DC

Washington DC is a big place full of people in various jobs. Sometimes you need to sell your house quickly in order to move to a new job or to buy a new home. You don’t have weeks to get your house ready to sell. How can you get your house ready to sell in a week in Washington DC?

Clean, Clean, Clean

A lot of cleaning by itself can do a lot to make your home look stellar and make it ready to sell quickly. You will want to do your regular cleaning tasks, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc. But there are a lot of places where your home needs to have extra attention when preparing to move.

Look at all of the little nooks and crannies, get rid of the little pieces of debris. Little pieces of trash under your appliances will even be noticed, removing them can do a good amount towards reducing the cluttered look.

Go Through The Yard

Take some time to go through the yard to remove any leaves or debris. Your home’s curb appeal is one of the biggest points toward selling value. If you can find a time in that week to do a little bit of extra yard work such as getting some plants put in and trimmed will do a lot for the view.

Patch Holes And Paint

There are plenty of spots in any home that have holes. Where you hung paintings, dinged something with furniture, or somehow else made a little bit of damage. Patching these holes is essential to selling your home.

But you don’t want to just patch the hole. You also need to paint over the patch work. While you are painting patchwork, make sure to cover areas that may have marks. The better your paint looks in your home, the more homey it will feel to the next person.

Pack As Much As You Can

One of the things that takes away from a home that you are trying to show is over personalization. People who want to buy a home in Washington DC want to be able to picture themselves in it. To see the potential of the home.

Start packing as soon as you can. Start with knick knacks, hobby spaces, and similar items. Anything that would have influence their perspective of the home should be removed.

When you pack these items, you want to be careful about where you store them. The best place to put them is in a storage unit if you can afford them. If you can’t do that, organize your boxes neatly in an out of the way area. Do so without disturbing one’s ability to see the maximum ability to see the home.

Congressional Home Buyers Cash For Houses

Getting your home ready in a week will do a lot to help you be ready to sell it. There is no guarantee to it. If you want to guarantee your home will sell in that amount of time, there is a better option than a traditional sale.

Congressional Home Buyers is a cash for houses company. What they do is inspect the home and make an offer for your home. The sale can be completed in as little as 11 days. You can even opt to skip the on site inspection to get a slightly lower offer.

All offers made by Congressional Home Buyers are fair. It is how they have stayed in business for so many years, working to make customers happy.

For many homes you can just get your home cleaned and get a fair offer. However, your value will always be greater when you put more work into it. In order to get the best price in one week, take on each of these tips.

Take these tips and use them to prepare your home to sell in a week. Some people think it isn’t possible to be prepared in that little time. You’d an do it though. Many people have prepared to sell their home in that much time. Consider using a cash for houses program.


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