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Hoarding is a real problem for many people.  Congressional Home Buyers has signficant experience buying homes from hoarders to help them move on.  We don't judge, rest assured we have seen worse than yours.  If you want a clean start and real value for your home - call us today.

Sell a Hoarder's Home Fast + Easy - Move On From Hoarding!

Save Time + Effort

Don't waste your time and your loved ones cleaning! The best way to move on is with a new start.

We See the Value

Your home is worth something but many people can't see it!  We provide offers based on the home, not the clutter in it!

No Judgment

We know hoe difficult this can be.  We are here to help and have seen worse than yours - trust us!

The Best Way to Sell Your Home in Washington DC

We make it easy and simple to sell your home by yourself in Washington, DC + provide great offers!

A Fast + Easy Process
Experienced Buyers
Great Offers

We offer the fastest and easiest way to sell your home or property in Washington, DC.  No months of marketing  and no broker fees that cost you tens of thousands of dollars!  Our process is simple: (1) fill out our simple form or give us a call, (2) we'll walk through your property and give you an offer, and (3) we close all cash in about a week.  Now that is fast and easy!

Congressional Home Buyers was built off over a decade of  real estate experience in Washington, DC.  We are focused exclusively on the DC metro area and are strongly connected to the community.   Our team brings the expertise and skills to provide the best platform to property property sellers - providing a fast + easy experience and a competitive price. 

Want a great offer?  Congressional Home Buyers provides truly competitive offers that are often near or above what you would get if you listed with an agent.  How?  By saving on broker fees and closing in a week, we provide real value from a savings perspective.  Learn more about how we put more money in your pocket below and you will never sell the old way again!

Our Easy Process



Once you've decided you need to sell your home fast - give us a call or use our super easy web form to get the process started.  We only need some basic information - that's it - then we take it from there!

We will review the information you submit and get back to you right away - usually within a few hours.  We will then schedule a quick viewing of the property and put together an offer for you.


If you agree to our offer, we will schedule a closing in a few days.  Its that easy!  We work fast to make sure you can get money fast for your home.  We can even provide a cash advance!


Since our process is so fast you can enjoy closing proceeds in about a week or so after you submit.  Its a super easy process designed to ensure you can sell your house fast for cash!

Why Sell To Us?

There are many reasons to sell to us - here are just a few!

We can buy your home or property in about 10 days!  Sometimes even less - we are that fast!

Check out the example below on how we can put more money in your pocket than a broker!

As-Is Sales

We buy as-is - no need to stage, clean, renovate or repair your property.  Take on no risk too!

Easy Process

Our process is the easiest in the business.  Spend a one hour selling your home and save $.

No Fees

Pay no agent commissions or broker fees.  Like FSBO, we save you thousands!

All Home Types

We buy all types of residential property - row houses, single family, condos, land, apartment buildings - almost anything! 

DC Local

Congressional Home Buyers only buys in the Metro DC area - we are as local as it gets and know the FSBO market.

Hoarding Expertise

We have worked with numerous hoarders and can help you move on.

More Money

Start Selling Now!

Just complete our simple no-obligation form and we will be in touch to explain our buying process and answer any questions you might have.

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