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How To Get A House Ready To Sell Quickly

Selling a house is a big process but most homeowners want to ensure thee sale goes as fast as possible. Making a house ready to sell can help attract buyers and sell faster. Let’s cover some of the ways that you can quickly get a house ready to sell.

Clean All Surfaces

You would be surprised how initial impressions can effect buyers. Many times their first impression inside a home is clutter and cleanliness. You have plenty of surfaces in your home and when even one gets cluttered or dirty it can be noticeable. A home buyer that sees a place that is completely clean will be willing to pay more. Take a look at all of the surfaces in your home, here are some good places to try to clean:

● Counters

● Window Sills ● Carpets

● Floors

● Appliance Tops

Prepare For First Impressions

Most buyers make their decision and level of interest within the first few seconds to minutes of seeing a house. This makes cleaning everywhere that you can see from the door an important first step. It also never hurts to invest in making the entry look extra special, at some decoration or design to it to have it stand out.

Buyers don’t just use the entry to make a judgment on what to offer. They think of what those they invite over after they make the purchase will think of the entry.

Get The Yard Under Control

The yard is the first thing that people see about a house, it is also one of the hardest things to take care of. A yard needs constant maintenance such as watering. Getting the yard under control is a good way to sell a house quickly - often paying a landscaper to do a one-time clean up can have a great return on investment for a sell.

Beautifying it is one option for making your house worth more but so is making it easy to care for.

Depersonalize Your Home

When a buyer is looking at your home, they are thinking of what they will do with it, not what you have done with it. Removing anything that makes your home yours is a key step to selling a home fast. You want people to be able to imagine what they can do with the house. Pictures of you, your family, your pets all can take away from someone else’s imaginative power.

Declutter Your Home

In order to get a full idea of a home, people want to be able to see the size of every room and make out every detail. Having a large amount of clutter around the house will reduce the chances you have of sparking someone’s imagination. Items that you might not normally consider clutter might be that to other people. Consider a storage unit that you can move some of your furniture and belongings to to open up your home.

Make Repairs/Replacements

Take the time to make any repairs to appliances, fixtures, or other parts of the home before even putting your home up for sale. This will allow potential buyers to see your home at its prime. Most people want to move into a home that is without problems, repairs that need to be done will often lower the price below what the cost of the repair would be. Home inspectors hired by buyer's agents will catch many issues to prepare for them before you list.

You want to give people the chance to see what the house will look like as close to move out as possible. If you are going to take anything with you that would normally be left (think appliances, fixtures, curtains, shelves, etc) then replace them before you show the house. Home buyers of all kinds want to see the house sale ready.

Try To View Your Home As A Buyer

After you have done every preparation step that you can think of, you want to make at least a couple of walks through your home. Analyze everything like a buyer would. Is there anything that you can change before the buyer comes through to make your house look better? What can be changed? Don’t forget to look at your house from the curb too. Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in home pricing.

Market to the Right Buyer

A reliable home buyer such as Congressional Home Buyers ( often doesn't require you to get your house ready to sell. They will buy homes as-is and allow you to leave your junk behind. As private home buyers will often develop the property, they have experience buying houses in any condition and can make an offer to let you sell your home quickly in Washington, DC. But no matter how you decide to sell, take these tips to heart and make the most money possible when it comes to selling your home.


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