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House Viewing Etiquette in Washington DC

When you are looking to buy a house. one of the steps that you take is looking Looking at the options on the market. This is done through house feeling. Like everything else in life, house viewing has etiquette that you must follow. Today we are going to take a look at some of that etiquette so that you are prepared for your next house viewing.

Arrive On Time For Scheduled Showings

Like with any other appointment you have, you should arrive on time if you are going to a scheduled showing. Starting off on the right foot can mean everything. It also prevents the real estate agent from feeling as if their time is being wasted.

Take Off Your Shoes

It is best to assume that whenever you view a home your shoes need to come off. A lot of homeowners have this as a general rule for their homes. Unless you are specifically told not to take your shoes off, take them off, even when not told to do so. You will also be showing the real estate agent that you care.

Good impressions are important.

Don’t Bring Food Or Drinks

Leave all of your food and drinks in the car. Many places now let you bring your coffee cup with you but a house viewing it isn’t polite to do so. Every second that it is in the home, the real estate agent is going to be worrying about the cup spilling.

If the real estate agent or homeowner has food or drinks out at the home, you can eat those. Just try to be neat about it and don’t eat it outside of the room that they are provided in.

Ask Permission Before Taking Photos

The home you are viewing is still actively someone’s place of residence. They probably still have personal items around and they might not want you taking pictures of them. A real estate agent might also view those pictures as something that competes with their listing photos.

As a simple rule of thumb, ask before you taking any photos.

Limit Your Entourage

A couple viewing a house is fine. What you don’t want to do is show up with a party of people to view a house. You will overwhelm the real estate agent and the chances of a problem arising are much higher. If you want close friends or family members to see a place before you extend an offer, limit that to your top options.

Real estate agents really prefer if you keep your kids at home when you go to view a house. Kids can be destructive. Even if yours are perfect angels, the real estate agent doesn’t know that. If you do decide to bring them, make sure that they stay with you at all times.

Don’t Use The Bathroom

Before you go out to look at houses you should use your own restroom or a public restroom somewhere along the way. When you are a guest of the home it is fine to use a restroom but home viewing is different. Not to mention the fact that the agent is trying to keep the home looking spotless while people are touring it and using the bathroom can ruin that.

If you absolutely must use the bathroom, ask which one you should use. Should the agent say no to using the bathroom, listen to them.

Leave Your Pet At Home

Your pet is part of your family and you may want them to see the house but that is a big no-no. Real estate agents and homeowners alike don’t want you bringing your pet into their listings. They don’t know your pet and don’t know what it is going to do.

Those with service animals should let the real estate agent know that you have a service animal. You don’t have to say what for, but it is a courtesy so that they know to expect a dog or similar animal when you arrive.

Follow these etiquette pieces and you will be a rockstar at house viewings. The real estate investor like will think that you do these viewings all the time. With all of the good impressions you are setting with these tips, you will also be setting yourself up to be a model buyer. Something that can make a big difference when multiple offers are received.


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