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Features Of An Eco-Friendly House In 2019

In 2019 we, as a world, need to be better about being eco-friendly. The planet we live on is constantly getting damaged and the more that we can do to protect it, the longer we will have clean air for. The healthier we will be. So in order to help, our homes need to be made eco-friendly.

With the year 2019 comes more defining features for eco-friendly houses. In today’s article we are going to look at some of the important features of an eco-friendly home in 2019.

Eco-Friendly Materials With Local Sourcing

Building a home involves a lot of materials. What those materials are can make a difference. Look for materials such as local lumber from a sustainable forest. Recycled steel from the dump or other locations is also a great option. There are a number of eco-friendly materials that you can choose from, it all depends on where you are from and what kind of home you are building.

In addition to having eco-friendly materials, you need to ensure they are locally sourced. The further your materials have to travel, the bigger the carbon footprint. Local sourcing also helps you to invest in your local economy.

Reduced Power Lighting

We use lights all the time and many of us make the mistake of leaving the lights on. LED lighting is one of the best ways to have eco-friendly homes. By using LED lights you are using far less power and they last for far longer, meaning you have to use less bulbs.

Solar Power

It used to be that solar power was a commodity that many people couldn’t afford. Now solar power is becoming very popular and affordable. Homeowners are using solar power as a way to reduce their energy bill and avoid environment damaging power alternatives. Even just powering some of your electronics with solar panels can help to do your part.

Some municipalities allow you to take access solar power that you generate and send it back into the power grid. When you do this, you can actually earn money while doing your part.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is more than just a cool feature. It allows you to make your home more eco-friendly. One of the things that you can do with smart home technology is to turn off lights, heat, and other electronics when you don’t need them. You can also precisely control your home electronics to ensure that it only runs as much as needed.

Harnessing The Power Of Nature

More and more homes are using what is around them to create power, heating, and cooling options. The more that we use nature without harming it, the less damage we do. Heating and cooling options such as geothermal are great. So are options such as building rooftop gardens.

Instead of having lots of lights throughout your home, another way to harness the power of nature is to have plenty of windows. Windows allow in natural light and allow you to maintain your desired visibility. Proper windows such as double or tripe pane windows to keep temperatures controlled and accessories such as blackout shades help you to control the temperature.

Home Food Gardens

A home garden allows you to have access to as much food as you can grow. People grow food such as vegetables at home. By using home gardens to gather food, you can reduce the amount that needs to be trucked in. If everyone did this, we would be shipping far less food.

Insulate Your Walls With Plants

Plants can be a great way to insulate your walls. By planting on both the inside and the outside of your home you can create really cool designs and insulate at the same time. You also get a number of other benefits: balanced humidity levels, lower energy consumption, cleaner home air. While it may be slightly different than maintaining a normal wall, it can do a lot for you.

Each one of these methods is a great way to make your home eco-friendly. They are also common methods that we have seen many times already in 2019. By utilizing as many of them as possible you are making your home eco-friendlier.


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