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Partner with a Trusted Residential Property Developer in DC

If you are looking to develop your Washington, DC property with a construction partner, we are the preferred choice.

We partner with owners on residential development projects

Unlike almost every other developer and private home buyer in the Washington, DC area, Congressional Home Buyers will partner with sellers and property owners on residential property development.  We bring development, construction, project management and selling expertise - you bring the property!


When we partner with property owners on development projects in Washington, DC, our goal is to create win-win outcomes by leveraging our development and project management expertise. 


We have significant experience developing all sizes and types of residential projects in the Washington, DC area. We know how to exploit opportunities to maximize project value and deliver a great project.

Project Expertise

Even if you own a well zoned parcel in Washington DC, that doesn't guarantee your project will be a success.  We bring unmatched development, management, selling and project expertise to the table.

Value Creation

We look for opportunities to create value at every step of the project.  From planning to development to selling, we leverage our deep experience to build properties that deliver an excellent return.

A Leading DC Home Builder Who Will Work With You

There aren't many home builders, private home buyers or development companies that will work with property owners who want to develop there properties.  And to be honest, there are lots of valid reasons that make partnerships difficult.  However, at Congressional Home Buyers we believe that if the right deal comes along and we can agree to a deal that works for us and the property owner, we can create a win-win project that achieves everyone's goals.  So we look extensively at a project if a property owner is interested in developing it with us.  Ultimately, the best projects for partnering and joint development of residential projects in Washington, DC tend to be well zoned properties that can support multiple units - an area we have great expertise.  We will take a look at any project though and our core values of honesty, transparency and great customer service apply to our dealings with property owners who are interested in developing their property with an established and trusted partner.

We Build Beautiful Homes That We Are Proud Of

An Experienced Residential and Home Development Partner in DC

When you work with Congressional Home Buyers, you get a development partner in Washington, DC that brings many valuable skills to the table. We start by working with expert architects and zoning experts to ensure we maximize development potential and build great product in an efficient and buyer appealing manner.  We when focus on building in a fast and efficient manner - our in house development team excels in this area.  Our agents and sales team make homes and units look spectacular - from staging to negotiating seller-friendly terms, they drive tremendous value.  At Congressional Home Buyers, we are always happy to evaluate new opportunities to work with partners on interesting residential development deals and projects in the Washington, DC area.  Just contact us today to get started. 

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