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Congressional Home Buyers Is the Better Way to Sell Your Home in Washington DC!

Sell As-Is

No Agent Fees - Save 6%

Paid Moving Expenses

Simple + Easy Process

Founders Involved In Every Deal

Tons of Seller Perks

Sell It Guarantee

Superior CHB Service

Simple Sales Contract

Sell in 5 days

Development Partnering

Traditional Agent/MLS


For Sale By Owner

Other Home Buyers

Choose the Best Way To Sell Your Home Fast in Washington DC

As you can see, Congressional Home Buyers offer many advantages over every other home selling option out there.  With our no risk, no obligation and no pressure approach, there truly is no reason not to contact us today to start the process.  At Congressional Home Buyers, we have created a home selling platform for everyone. Whether you need a fast and easy way to sell, need help with a complicated tenant situation or just want to be treated fairly and honestly - Congressional Home Buyers is your first option to sell your home in Washington DC and receive great customer services and a seller-first promise.

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