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I Need To Sell My House Fast in Washington DC - What Do I Do?

Selling your house is a big step and most big steps should involve a lot of thinking. That being said, on many occasions you might find yourself needing to sell your house fast. When you are in Washington DC and need to sell your house fast, how do you do it? Let’s look at some great quick steps you can take.

Tip: Clean Thoroughly

Cleaning your house doesn’t take too long and by itself, can raise the value of your home. People who tour the house will see how clean it is and see that it is well taken care of. Go above and beyond your normal cleaning. Get every corner and make the home shine.

Sell A House On Your Own

Many people in today’s world want to sell their home on their own. This is known to get you the best price possible. It is also known to save commissions and other fees that real estate agents charge. Selling quickly by doing all of the work on your own is possible but just because it is possible, doesn’t mean it is recommended.

For a quick sale in the Washington DC area, we don’t recommend that you attempt to sell a house on your own. So much work goes into the sales process that you will be quickly overwhelmed. If you have sold a home in the past, it might be doable.

You also need to consider the fact that you will need to draw up paperwork such as closing contracts. Handling of sales paperwork can also be confusing, as can taxes. One of the main jobs of a real estate agent is helping you through all of this.

One time that we do recommend selling a home on your own is when you have someone who is ready to buy your home. That way all you have to do is paperwork. This is a rare circumstance though.

Use A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are typically one’s first thought when it comes to selling a house. If you want to get sell of your house in DC fast, a real estate agent can help. A real estate agent will do almost all of the hard work, from advertising your home to working on closing.

By going through a real estate agent, you will find that your home sale goes much quicker than attempting to sell on your own. This is partially because you have someone doing the hard work for you. It is also due to the fact that real estate agents are very experienced at what they do.

Just because you are working with a real estate agent doesn’t mean that you can’t work on your own too. Doing your own advertising and spreading the word of your home can help to get the sale done quickly.

Choose To Sell With Congressional Home Buyers

If you need to sell a home incredibly fast and want the best price possible, look into selling with Congressional Home Buyers. Congressional Home Buyers is one of the biggest home buying companies in the DC area. One of the fastest too. We can buy homes from most sellers in under 2 weeks.

The process starts by submitting information to us through our online system. Visit to access the system. You will be asked your name, address, and phone number. Then within a day, we get back to you with an offer. We can either do an immediate offer or schedule a same day appointment to view your home to give an even more accurate offer.

Closing starts after you accept the offer. That process involves drafting up all of the paperwork and preparing it for you to sign. The final signing of papers can happen in as little as five days but within 10.

Almost all real estate sales using other options such as using a realtor or selling on your own.

You can use any of the options above to sell your home fast. The only time you will be guaranteed to sell quickly is when you use a home buying company. All other methods of sale rely on you finding a buyer and that takes time. Not to mention drafting up paperwork and other such things.


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