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How Fast Can You Buy A House And Move In?

Buying a house is a major step in life. You are picking somewhere that is meant to be your home. That being said, there are plenty of times when you might need to buy a house and move in fast. Such as when you get a new job and need to relocate.

During these kinds of situations, when you need a house fast, people wonder how fast they can go from an offer to moving in. That is all dependent on how you make the purchase and what both parties agree on.

The shortest time that it can take to buy a house is often a couple of weeks. That is an optimistic timeline, assuming that everything goes perfectly and there are no delays along the way.

In many cases, a full sale to move in will take about a month.

We want to help make sure that you can get a sale completed as fast as possible. Here are a few tips on how to make the process go as fast as possible.

Buy In Cash Or...

Having enough cash to buy a house can take a while. But if you go into a home purchase ready to pay with cash you can shorten up the process significantly. Loans take approval and time. Often, with loans you have to go through set processes with your bank that eat up time. This includes inspections, approval, and actually paying.

Or if you are using a loan, make sure to have pre-approval for said loan. Stay in contact with your loan agent and keep them updated so they are ready to act when the time comes.

Work With Real Estate Professionals

You may end up having to pay more, but real estate agents know the process and have the staff needed to make a sale quick. Agents can also help you to find homes that are more likely to sell quickly.

Make The Right Offer

The offer you make can motivate a seller to make their decision quickly. You don’t want to offer too much, but offering too low will make them take time to consider. Making a high offer is often easier when you are paying cash, but it is achievable with some loans.

Stay On Top Of It

To get a sale done quickly you need to stay on top of the process. Keep in touch with everyone who is involved in the purchase process from the real estate agents, to the seller, to the bank. This will help you to be prepared if there is a problem and ensures that everyone stays on track.

Lineup A Mover

Having a mover ready to go will ensure that they are ready to get your stuff moved into your new home as soon as it is available. When you find the day of your move in, call the mover immediately. This will make sure that they are available and reduce the chance of paying last minute rates.

Sell Your Old House Fast

If you have an old house that you need to sell, making that sale fast is important. The money you make from the sale of your old home can be used as a down payment or funding for moving. Selling your home fast is a lot easier than buying a home fast.

Those who live in the Washington DC area can sell their home in as little as 10 days with Congressional Home Buyers. Congressional Home Buyers is a home purchasing company that buys houses around the DC area at fair prices as investment and resale purchases.

You can get an offer for your home almost instantly online and an even more accurate on-site offer within a day.

In the end, buying a house can take a lot of time. A lot of steps are involved in the purchasing process. The more work that you put into the purchasing process, the quicker it can go. Use each of these tips to help make the sale go smoother.

In the end, unless you are an experienced buyer, the time that you can expect a sale to take is about 20 to 30 days.

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