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We Will Pay You $500 If We Don't Provide You With the Highest Offer On Your DC Property!


About our "Highest Offer in DC Guarantee"


We are so confident about our ability to beat our competitors, we offer our "Highest Offer in DC Guarantee" program.  If you submit a home to us and our offer is not the highest you recieve (and we aren't able to match your final highest offer), we will pay you $500! Of course there are terms that apply - check out our Terms of Use for the specific details - but in summary:


  • DC - The home we offer on must be located in the District of Columbia.  Our Highest Offer Guarantee does not apply to homes in Virginia or Maryland.

  • Private Sales - We only guarantee that we will offer the highest amount for your DC property if it is sold to a private third party competitor of Congressional Home Buyers.  That means an established private home buyer that operates a business substantially similar to ours.  This does not include: listing through an agent, selling to an individual you know, selling to a developer, etc.

  • Final Offer - You must give us the opportunity to match the highest price you receive from a third party competitor before entering into a binding contract with them and agree to sell to us at that price.

  • Sold - You must actually sell the property to the third party competitor at the price you provide us to match and provide us with satisfactory documentation of the final sale.

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