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Why Should You Sell to Local DC Home Buyers?

When you sell to a local Washington, DC home buyer - its a win-win.  You will get a better deal and better customer service and you will be supporting a local businiess.  Don't submit to random sites that aren't truly focused on Washington, DC - at Congressional Home Buyers we are as local as it gets and we only operate in the greater DC area.

Better Offers

You will always get better offers with a local company like us.  Knowing the local market allows us to pay more.

Community Support

Its important to support your local businesses.  We create jobs and help grow DC one home at a time!

Better Service

When you contact us, you are immediately in touch with a real local member of our team - usually one of our founders!

Improving DC

We often buy blighted or vacant home in the DC area and turn them into gems.  It help the entire community.

Local Help

Do you have a question, need a referral or just want to know more.  We'll go the extra mile even if you don't sell to us!

Helping the Environment

We use green friendly building methods and try to always buy locally too - cutting down on transportation use.

We Give Back

When you sell to us, you will support the local community because at Congressional Home Buyers, we give back.

Putting You First

We live and work in DC and know its a small town.  Our reputations matter and so we always put you first!

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